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Cash is King: The simple truth about your freelance business

First things first, if you’re wanting to become a full time freelancer, you will need to understand that cash is the king of your business. No work, no money, no job. When that happens, you no longer have a business, you have a hobby. But you don’t need to be a car salesman in order to achieve financial success as … Continue reading


Dare to be Different: A Guerrilla Freelancer’s Manifesto

You can generalize most freelancers as one of a few things; freelance designers, freelance illustrators, freelance copywriters, freelance photographers, etc. Today, I plan on giving a name to a new subset of freelancers. The freelancers who don’t generally fit into the social media ass slapping and understand that if you’re not pissing people off, you’re doing something wrong. A Guerrilla … Continue reading

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Cold email strategy to land your dream job with top influencers

Toggling between feast and famine is a reality for many freelancers because we often neglect filling our leads pipeline while we’re busy working on one project. Prospecting is also not the hardest task to avoid, filled with chasing dead ends and back and forth emailing. Today, I’m going to teach you a prospecting approach that consistently yields good results: cold … Continue reading


How To Promote your Freelance Business on Instagram Without Photos

Want to start taking advantage of the hottest social media platform right now (ahem, Instagram) to attract more clients? Maybe you do, but don’t know how to promote your service based biz on the very visual platform based around images? I mean, is Instagram even the right platform to market your business when you just don’t sell something you can … Continue reading