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6 Ways to make it easier for clients to pay you

A steady stream of cash flow can help to ensure that your small business is equipped to grow and weather times of less demand. Aside from reducing expenses, one of the best ways to enhance your cash flow is offering your customers efficient payment options that help ensure you’re paid quickly. So if you’ve had trouble getting payments from your … Continue reading

Poor Customer Service Evaluation Form

How to conduct your own end of year freelance performance review

Performance reviews are a staple of corporate management practices, but few freelancers take the time to conduct self-reviews. By and large, the self-employed don’t sit down and go over their strengths and weaknesses. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. When properly conducted, reviews help employees (whether self-employed or not) grow. Although freelancers don’t have a manager who will conduct an … Continue reading


The power of focus for freelancers

We’re all guilty of it. In a world with the attention span that is less than a goldfish, we can’t escape it. And with the giant uptick in social media’s gift of the we want it now mentality, there’s no question that it effects us as freelancers as well. From our family lives, to the work we’re putting in every … Continue reading

Funeral with coffin

Mastering only one skill is a freelance job killer

You’re wasting your time if your main focus is on mastering one specific skill and neglecting the growth potential of others. The field you are currently working in can, and likely will dry up. It might not be today, and maybe not even within the next couple of years. But business models are changing and if you’re not adapting to … Continue reading

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