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How Fiverr saved me (and how it can save you too)

Every freelancer has periods of time in which work seems like a distant memory. Last month had your desk plastered with post-its and reminders, ensuring you didn’t let a client down whose project is due tomorrow, whilst at the same time organizing a meeting with another potential client in an overpriced coffee shop in the suburbs of town. But that … Continue reading


10 Awesome tools for freelance writers

A freelance writing career comes with many benefits. You don’t have to work long hours in the office and submit reports to a demanding boss, but you can still make a decent income from the convenience of your home. However, being a freelancer is not as easy as everyone thinks. You have to find a way to increase your productiveness, … Continue reading


Why Learning How To Code Can Improve Any Freelance Career

Why should a freelance writer, designer or consultant pick up programming? It seems like a far stretch: being a freelancer has nothing to do with the code blocks that make up our world. Wrong! Technology is all around us and learning how to work with it on a lower level is beneficial for any career, including freelancers. Here’s 5 benefits … Continue reading


Most business plans are bullshit, including yours

And here’s what to do about it! Following the old school business advice will overwhelm you with outdated routines and tactics for building your freelance business. You’re smarter than that, and you should know, just like you know AOL dial up internet is a thing of the past, you can’t rely on outdated tools and advice to thrive. Your freelance … Continue reading