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10 Essential Small Business Tax Tips for Freelancers

Freelance business taxation should not be ignored. If not taken care of on time, then you may end up incurring a huge liability of interest and penalty. Be careful with your business taxes and keep yourself abreast of the latest updates. Here are some essentials: Take Responsibility As a small business owner, it is your responsibility to pay all the … Continue reading


Don’t Let it Burn: Dealing with Freelance Writing Burnout

You’re up against deadlines and you finally force yourself to sit down and focus. You cheer yourself on. “You can do this. This is what you do. You write, so write.” But you can’t. You’re tired, distracted, you don’t feel well. You can’t quite pinpoint what’s wrong but you just feel out of sorts. You haven’t been sleeping well. You … Continue reading


10 Guerrilla Marketing Tactics for Translators

Over the past few years, translation services have skyrocketed and freelancers are taking full advantage of the flood of new potential projects. And making nice money, too. ProZ.com has a list of average dollar amount per hour translators get based on what language they’re translating to. It looks like English to Sign Language is the highest paid, at an average … Continue reading


27 Clients & Six-Figures in 12 months on Elance

I love Guerrilla Freelancing. Mike has made this blog a true bullshit-free zone. So I was thrilled to get the opportunity to come here and talk to you, also bullshit-free, about how I’ve made more than $200,000 on Elance (over $110k of that in just 2014 alone). I wasn’t even an expert when I started. In fact, I was a … Continue reading