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Top 4 Trademark tips for freelancers

There’s nothing like being your own boss — being able to set your own hours, choose your own clients and guide your career destiny. But along with being your own boss comes all of the responsibilities that other businesses delegate to entire teams, which increases the likelihood that something will fall through the cracks. For example, many freelancers spend lots … Continue reading


Client Feedback is essential to freelance business success

Everybody’s been there: you spend hours developing your marketing strategy, implement a really great website, you take pride in your work, and feel like you’re really looking after your customers; however feel that for some reason, something’s holding you back? Don’t worry, there is a means of breaking the shackles of this feeling, and the answers lie in your customer … Continue reading


How to get shitty clients in 3 easy steps

You want the shittiest clients possible, and today I’m going to show you exactly how to do it. You know the client types: Low paying, highly controlling and never happy with your work, no matter how great the project comes out. These are the clients you want and these are the clients I am going to teach you how to … Continue reading


Freelancers and Pensions: The good news and bad news

There are many benefits of freelancing, but pensions aren’t one of them. Yes, you get to choose your own hours, be your own boss and take full control of your destiny – but you also miss out on a host of benefits employees receive by default. When confronted with the day-to-day costs of running your own freelance business, it’s easy … Continue reading

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