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the goonies freelancing business tips

Freelance Business Tips from The Goonies

The group of boys in The Goonies who take a crazy ride with many twists and turns, by following a treasure map is a lot like what we do here at Guerrilla Freelancing, taking the twists and turns of this crazy freelance lifestyle we share. So it’s only right that we look over the classic movie for freelancing tips we … Continue reading


Want to know the #1 secret to freelance success?

The generation we live in now wants everything at the touch of a button, from the media access we have via smartphones to the success we get in our freelance business. The problem is, the quick fix isn’t always the best fix. Freelance success is what we all strive for, and that’s what this blog is about – building a … Continue reading


Dissection of a cold-email marketing campaign

First impressions are tricky to get right, but as a guerrilla freelancer, you are able to land it on more occasions than most. Others, don’t often have that luxury of getting it and thinking outside the box. Some send press releases worth of text about themselves. And even still, some send an email as the marketing director of a publisher … Continue reading


5 Things really smart freelancers do

Freelancers are a dime-a-dozen these days, but there’s a vast difference between a really smart freelancer and someone who just doesn’t get the freelance life. Smart freelancers have generally been doing this type of work for so long that they’ve realized what this article is going to explain to you. For the new freelancers out there just getting your feet … Continue reading

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