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20 branding tips using only social media

As a freelancer, you probably do not have the multi-thousand dollar budgets that other corporations have in order to hire a marketing/branding agency to do all of the work for you. The good news is that freelancers do not need it. When you're a guerrilla freelancer, you can get things done - on your own, on a low budget and quite possibly more effectively than the big agencies you'd otherwise be hiring.

Branding yourself and/or your business is a great way to build yourself up as an expert and build up your business in the eyes of the masses. But what if you don’t know where to start on branding yourself online? Would you jump all over the idea of someone giving you 20 branding tips using only social media sites? Would that be something you’d like to share with your network you’ve built? I think so, and thats why I’m writing this article today. I want to show everyone who is reading this, and everyone you link to this article that social media branding is a straight forward process that anyone can conquer with the right time and energy invested.

Social Media Branding Tips

Voting Activity

  • Vote as much as possible
  • Vote as honest as possible. If you don’t like a link, give it a vote down
  • Vote outside of the social media marketing niche to become visible on a larger scale

Friend Activity

  • Add friends as much as possible (but don’t make it looks spammy)
  • Contact your friends when you think you’ve got something of interest for them
  • Ask your friends what you can do for them
  • Send birthday notes to your friends (this will definitely set you apart from the 1,000 friends they have who don’t)

Even More Branding Tips

  • Pick your favorite social media sites and be as active as possible
  • Give more then you receive - and don’t expect anything in return
  • Engage in conversation, don’t dominate it

One Last Note

There are probably a million other ways to brand yourself through social media website, but these twenty are ones that I truly believe in. If you’re looking for more social media branding tips, check out this great post by Chris Brogan on his blog titled 100 Personal branding tactics using social media. And as usual, if you’ve got any thoughts on this subject, I’d love to hear them in the comments section below.

Special thanks to everyone who I talked to on twitter who answered with their favorite branding tip. If I missed anyone, please leave a comment and let me know or Direct Message me on twitter so I can feel bad, cry and send you a box of cookies :) You can follow this blog on twitter at @gfreelancing if you aren’t already.

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  1. Ray Schiel says:

    All great suggestions here…probably wouldn’t hurt to print this out and put it somewhere visible at all times…Good job.

  2. Dany says:

    Nice article! I’ll remember your tips!

  3. Hey Mike,
    I’ve been reading your blog recently and I have to say that I love this article. You hit the biggest points on branding yourself that every company should know. Truely a quality list.


  4. sandy rowley says:

    great idea and i agree with treating social media as a multi tasking tool for making and keeping friends, customers and partners.

  5. dennyzhang says:

    Very nice summary! Thanks, Mike.

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