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10 Guerrilla Marketing Tactics for Translators

Over the past few years, translation services have skyrocketed and freelancers are taking full advantage of the flood of new potential projects. And making nice money, too. has a list of average dollar amount per hour translators get based on what language they’re translating to. It looks like English to Sign Language is the highest paid, at an average … Continue reading

Guerrilla marketing videos to get your creative juices flowing

Guerrilla Marketing gives you, the guerrilla freelancer, a huge advantage over your competition because it allows you to not take the traditional methods of advertising. So, in order to inspire you and get your creative juices flowing, today we’re going to look over some kick ass guerrilla marketing examples, where every day business, and even some larger ones, take the … Continue reading

5 Unconventional marketing tactics using your testimonials

One of the best things you can have as a freelancer is a happy client. And odds are that if you have happy clients, you’ll also be able to gain clients through their word of mouth. But what about getting testimonials from them? Have you got a few testimonials over the years as a freelancer? Are you putting them to … Continue reading

Guerrilla Marketing Tactics for Freelancers ebook

Today we’ve got a great mini-guide for you to use in your freelance businesses marketing. With 60 actual guerrilla marketing tactics to choose from plus a how-to guide on building your own guerrilla marketing strategy, this ebook is going to put you ahead of your competition. This guide is packed full of social media marketing advice for your freelance business. … Continue reading

10 guerrilla marketing tactics for videographers

Visual appeal is already on the side of freelance videographers because most people love to spend time on sites like Youtube watching videos, so you’ve got an exceptionally large audience at your disposal to market yourself to. But what other ways are there to market your freelance videography business? Keep reading and see ten of the top guerrilla marketing tactics … Continue reading

10 guerrilla marketing tactics for photographers

Get your cameras ready because today we’re going to be covering guerrilla marketing tactics for the photographers out there. No matter if you freelance as a photographer or you’re just taking photos for fun, these guerrilla marketing tactics will help you grow your exposure as a photographer.

10 New Creative Guerrilla Marketing Examples

It’s been a while since we’ve featured some Guerrilla Marketing Examples so today we’re going to showcase 10 of the newer examples for your creative viewing pleasure. As a freelancer, you can take some ideas from these guerrilla marketing tactics and use them for your own marketing.

10 guerrilla marketing tactics for copywriters

We’re back with another article in the Guerrilla Marketing Tactics for… series and today we’ve got some great guerrilla marketing tips for freelance copywriters. With the various amount of guerrilla marketing tactics posts we’ve done in the past (10 for designers, 10 for illustrators, 50 here, etc) I think it’s time that guerrilla marketing tactics for writers gets some shine.

Free Ebook: 50 Guerrilla Marketing Tactics For Freelancers

Today is a very special day for Guerrilla Freelancing. Not only did we hit 10,000 downloads for our Guide to Guerrilla Freelancing ebook last night, we’re also gearing up for a very exciting, eventful week next week (more on this later). So in celebration of all of the wonderful things going on here at Guerrilla Freelancing, I’ve put together a … Continue reading

How to build your own guerrilla marketing strategy

A guerrilla marketing strategy is the polar opposite of a business plan. It’s a simple, 7 sentence plan that outlines some very key aspects of your overall business and marketing goals. Nothing more, nothing less. Today I am going to show you the seven steps to building your own guerrilla marketing strategy and outline one of my own along the … Continue reading