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Freelance Business Tips from The Goonies

The group of boys in The Goonies who take a crazy ride with many twists and turns, by following a treasure map is a lot like what we do here at Guerrilla Freelancing, taking the twists and turns of this crazy freelance lifestyle we share.

So it's only right that we look over the classic movie for freelancing tips we can use in our day to day business lives, searching for the treasure and success we all want.

Never make fun of someone for being different

Not all freelancers are created equal. Not every freelancer loves coffee, wears black rimmed glasses and lives the hipster lifestyle. Some of us wear 10 gallon cowboy hats and boots, while others might live a more urban lifestyle.

Just like Chunk became friends with Sloth, even though he didn't look or act the same, you can make great business contacts with freelancers, or people in general, who aren't the same as you.

Goonies Never say die

No matter what happens to you or your freelance business, the goal is to never give up. Just like the Goonies never say die, neither do freelancers. We push harder than people working a 9-5 and we strive for excellence, no matter how much blood, sweat & tears we spill in order to get to it.

If you're going to outlast your competition and move ahead of them, you need repetition on your side. No matter what type of setbacks you face, you need to push forward and break through the cycles of negativity.

Have a good team who are all experts at something

The Goonies had a team of people who all had their own special skills. Mouth was, well, the mouth of the group. Data had all of the gadgets and tricks up his sleeve. Mikey was the leader who was cool, calm and collected.

In your freelance career, you might not hire other people to work on your freelance business, but you still need to keep a great team around you - family, friends and other freelancers who are in the trenches like you are that you can bounce ideas off of.

Pay respect to the original Goonies

Throughout the movie, the one thing The Goonies did most was pay respect to One-Eyed Willie, the original goonie who had the treasure they were looking for in the first place.

As a freelancer, there are a lot of people who have been doing the type of work you're doing now, many years before you. Learn from their mistakes, piggyback off their successes and do everything you can to show that you're not just in it for the money, but you love your craft.

If you're a freelance writer, spend some time reading On Writing by Stephen King and give your thoughts on it, showcasing the knowledge of a leader in your craft. If you're a designer, take some time to look at the innovators of your industry and post up your praises of their work and things they've done in order to further your industry and make room for freelancers like you.

Never try to replicate a past success

Word has been put out that they are filming a Goonies 2 movie. Now, I understand some of their reasoning behind it (the movie industry sucks and can't think of anything new), but trying to recreate a past success as classic as the original Goonies movie is going to set the expectations so high that people might not enjoy it. It also might cast a negative light on the original movie.

If you're looking for a real world example of a guy who built an amazing business in his first shot (WooThemes) and then slipped and fell a bit on his second go around, you can read this article by Adii Pienaar, Pause, which he explains why he pressed pause on his new start up.

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