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The only list of freelance job boards that you’ll ever need

Getting your feet wet as a freelancer can be rough, especially if you don't have a solid idea on where you go can find work. Cold calls and cold emailing can give you a jump, but both do require some extra time and effort to get the formula down on how to handle them properly, so where do you go in the meantime?

Job boards.

Job boards can be your bread and butter for freelance work, providing you with enough work to cover your next 2-3 months worth of expenses. They can allow you to get your foot in the door inside of actual businesses who are looking for work to be done, and they will allow you to spend the extra time you're not spending trying to find work, doing the actual work. The freelance job boards can be a wonderful addition to your daily routines.

However, you have to remember that not all job boards are created equal. Some job boards will not have new leads posted every day. Some of them will allow bidding and some will be a sea of bottom feeding fish that only want to find someone to work for minimum wage. This is not where you want to end up and it's definitely nowhere that I'd tell you to go.

You're in luck though because I've narrowed it down to 10 active freelance job boards that will actually be of a benefit to check out. They're all powerful for their own reasons, which are listed below the names and images, and any one of them would be a perfect place to visit on a daily basis, but I'd strongly suggest viewing them on all as much as possible - after all, too much work is never a bad thing (there's a topic I will probably cover in an upcoming article).

Authentic Jobs

Authentic Jobs

The Authentic Jobs website is one that you've likely seen listed in sidebars and footers across various sites, and for good reason - the Authentic Jobs website is one that should be on your "must do" list for the the day. It's been a resource for freelancers to find jobs since 2005 and has attracted companies such as Apple, MSNBC, Comcast, Facebook, ESPN and more. You can easily change the view between, Interaction Design, Graphic Design, Development, Mobile and Management as well as freelance and full time positions. You can also search based on the type of job you're looking for or the location in which you're looking to be hired.

WordPress Jobs

WordPress Jobs

For those of us who are wordpress workers (myself included), the wordpress job board is a great place to visit. It focuses solely on, you guessed it - wordpress work, so if you're after some new WP gigs, you're headed to the right place. The site breaks itself down into a few categories (design, development, blogging, maintenance, ect) so it's easy to see which jobs will interest you the most.

The one drawback to this job board is that, at times, it does have some low paying gigs, but if you look out for the buzz-kill words, like - it should be quick, this is an easy job, I could have done it myself but I don't have the time, ect. you'll be able to avoid spending time dealing with someone via email who is just looking to take advantage of you.

37 Signals Gig Board

37 Signals

Besides being one of the biggest and brightest companies online for web based software, 37 signals also offers up a killer job board resource. It's filled with around 100 or so jobs at any given time and features job listings from some of the biggest companies around the world - Apple, The New York Times, American Express and more. Breaking itself down into categories (design, development, misc, customer service/support and business exec/jobs) it allows you to easily find the type of job you're looking for.

From full time gigs to free and paid internships, you can find just about anything listed here, and from companies who know and understand what it's like to be hard working freelancer that doesn't want to get hung out to dry and taken advantage of (if there's one thing you realize while reading this article, I hope it is that - you don't deserve to be taken advantage of because you're just starting out as a freelancer. You get what pay you want, and ask for, and if they don't like it, they won't hire you - and that's a good thing, I promise).



The Krop website features a live search box where you type in what you're looking for and it shows up on the screen, which is a feature that I've liked since I first came across it. If you can't see any results for what you're looking for, it's ok, just come back the next day and try again because this site is always flooded with awesome work to be grabbed. Another thing that I really like about the Krop website is that it has a creative database built right into their site so you can showcase your portfolio and resume right on the site - what better way than to get the attention of the company you're writing about their job board listing than to actually have a resume page on the Krop website? It's genius.

Smashing Jobs

Smashing Jobs

I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that everyone has heard of Smashing Magazine, and for those who haven't, it's a website that features killer resources and articles for designers and developers. As the site grew and the fan base became more than just a small cult following (they're at over 100K subscribers) they ventured into the job board market - and they've done an awesome job. The job board always has great listings for freelancers to check out and as the site itself isn't as large as some of the others here (imagine that even being possible, with over 100K subscribers) there is a great chance that you'll be able to land multiple jobs from it.



Similar to Krop, Coroflot allows you to set up a profile right on their website and also interact with the job board and it's listings. The listings themselves are from some great companies and are constantly being updated with fresh leads. This job board actually breaks things down into over 10 categories which makes finding a job you're interested in that much easier.

Problogger Jobs

Problogger Jobs

For the writers who view the Guerrilla Freelancing website, this job board is for you. Darren Rowse is an industry leader for blogging and anyone involved with the web (yes, I said it - he's THAT big) and when he put together the Problogger Job Board, he really did something wonderful for writers out there. This job board has a constant flow of new jobs and can easily be a resource where you can find 10-20 writing gigs per month. Turning those customers into repeat clients can mean the difference between months of steady work and a constant need to find new jobs - but the beauty of it is that with the majority of the clients you'll find here, they're looking (either openly, or just in their own minds) for someone reliable that they can funnel work to. Take a second and go be that person they're looking for.

Fresh Web Jobs

Fresh Web Jobs

Doesn't the title say it all? If you're looking for fresh web jobs, this is a site definitely worth checking out. I've personally landed a few gigs from here and each of the clients have been awesome. The site is set up so you can easily find what you're looking for and easily contact the original poster. What more can you ask for? It's definitely one job board that I'd subscribe to in order to keep up with the new listings because you're sure to find a gem in there from time to time.

All Dev Jobs

All Dev Jobs

I love the All Dev Jobs website because it's built for designers, by designers (and developers of course). It's owned and ran by Lift, which is a company that is ran by some of the coolest people to ever be found online and people who understand what freelancers needs are and what they want out of an awesome job board - and they provide it.

What do you think?

Are you finding some value in these job boards or do you have one in particular that you visit most often? Let's chat about it in the comments section.

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  1. Jim says:

    Thanks so much for this – I’m just getting started freelancing and I’ll take all the work-finding methods I can get! Great stuff.

  2. designfollow says:

    great list.

    thank you very much.

  3. Steven Snell says:

    Thanks for the resources. I also have a design and development job board –

  4. James Armes says:

    Excellent post. I think I will find myself using some of these regularly. Although not as nice as the WordPress jobs board, Drupal has a jobs forum at

  5. Mike says:

    Thanks for the replies everyone.

    @Steven, I can’t believe I forgot about your job board. It’s in my bookmarks too. ugh, I slacked on that. Thanks for commenting and leaving the link.

    @James, thanks for that link. I didn’t know about the drupal job board, as I don’t do much drupal work. Hopefully it is a help to drupal coders who frequent this blog.

  6. great list ! thanks a lot for sharing !

  7. Jon says:

    Thanks for the excellent words about! Not long ago the job listings started to get a bit stale but we recently redeveloped the entire site from the ground up and are working very diligently to keep the site “fresh”.

    Let us know if there is anything you would like to see us do with the site, we are always up for new ideas…

    • Mike says:

      No problem Jon. I dig your job board. I noticed a while back it was going a bit stale, but I’ve been keeping my eye on it, and that’s why it’s on the list – it’s definitely worth checking out as a freelancer.

      Also, thanks for advertising on the site. I appreciate it. I’ll shoot you ideas if I think of anything.

  8. Steven says:

    Great & very unbiased.
    When you have the time I’d love you to let me know what you think of ours It’s for freelancers in the fashion industry.. We don’t have projects everyday as we are quite new, but it’s building steadily

  9. Excellent collection of links !

  10. Thanks for the effort you took to expand upon this post so thoroughly.
    Your post is nice, I learned a lot of information from this post. I think oDesk is the best place for freelance job. Because it is a payment guaranteed site and hourly jobs available. If you want to learn & discuss about oDesk visit or
    Thanks Guys.

    • Chris says:

      First, I need to say that I love your style of writing and your blog posts are great. I am really tempted to grab your book. If I didn’t just go through a Self Employment program I would, and I still may need to.

      Second, I realize this post is a year old, and the last reply is nearly a year old. I thought maybe it could use an update, even the site in your sidebar that you recommend is pretty stale.

      Here is a list of a few current ones, not that all the ones you listed are not current..

      Elance is pretty good, lots of jobs there

      You can even write tests to show off your skills.

      One that I am not a fan of, but is pretty busy is 99designs. This is set up so you create your design and if the person likes it they pick yours. If you don’t get picked you have used up that time. It is kind of good for someone starting out, who doesn’t have any fresh idea’s of designs to add to their portfolio though, and it does give them a chance to earn some money from it.

      I don’t know if you have heard of hongkiat, but they have a post up of 50 active job boards… they are not all active. 50 is a stretch and we know that the list type of blog posts are attractive to viewers. With a number like 50 in the title it must of been dug and liked a million times. (my attempt at humor). Anyway, it’s a good place to go to check out some of the job sites anyway. (not that I’m trying to tell you what to do).

      Anyway.. I had another ten paragraphs I went off topic on spouting all my new web designer sorrows, and then decided this was not the place.

      You do a great job of engaging your readers. I don’t often write comments. (I didn’t gather that from only reading this post)

      • Mike Smith says:

        Hey Chris,

        Thanks so much for the comment and for the compliments on my writing.

        No worries on it being a long comment, I read every comment that comes through so it was nice to see your perspective on things. I agree, the big numbers in posts are usually attention grabbers, but sometimes they lack in the quality (50 job boards seem like a stretch to me if you’re looking for quality job listings).

        I purposely left out places like elance,, 99designs, etc. Bidding sites like that, I didn’t feel had a place on this list.

        Again, thanks for the comment and any time you feel like dropping another one in, don’t hesitate :)

  11. Raul Salazar says:

    so far the best jobboard list on the web

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