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Freelance writing jobs: Top 10 places to find quality work

As freelance writers, you might find it hard to find work from job boards because a lot of the larger job boards that we listed previously in our freelance job board post cater to designers and developers. However, there are a great amount of places to search for work that don't just involve job boards. So today I want to go ahead and show you ten great places you can go right now to find quality work as a freelance copywriter.

Freelance Writing Gigs

freelance writing jobs

The name pretty much says it all, however I figured that I'd also mention that the website posts up awesome content on freelance writing and their way of showing you daily gigs is by posting in their job leads category and listing job listings from craigslist and various other online places where different types of freelance writing is required.

Simply Hired

freelance writing jobs

Telling you immediately once you view the website that they're not your typical job board, they're being honest about that because they pull in jobs from all of the major job boards around the web, including elance, odesk, etc. They're definitely a place to keep on your radar.

Problogger Job Board

freelance writing jobs

Jobs for Bloggers - The website title says it all. If you know the Problogger website, you know that the main focus there is blogging so you can imagine the amount of blogging jobs available on their job board, right? If you haven't seen it yet, you need to head over there now because there's always a steady stream of blogging jobs available for freelance writers.

Freelance Switch

freelance writing jobs

While their main categories are design and development, Freelance Switch also offers up a writing category for all of the freelance writers out there. It's an RSS feed you should have in your reader and make sure you're keeping up with the alerts - they usually have between 1-4 new jobs go up a day.

Twitter search

freelance writing jobs

An often overlooked place to find work is through various searches on Twitter. With phrases like "I need a copywriter", "I need a ghostblogger", "Looking for a copywriter", etc, you should have no trouble finding people who are constantly looking for a copywriter of some sort. The key is to add "" around your search terms so it brings back ONLY the results with that exact phrase.

Linkedin Jobs

freelance writing jobs

Another great social media website with a place to search for copywriting jobs is Linkedin. As a growing powerhouse in the social media community, it's booming with business people who are always interacting with each other and looking for other creative professionals to handle jobs they might not want, so make sure you're doing some searches here for freelance copywriting jobs.

Writing Career

freelance writing jobs

While the design of the website might fool you (it fooled me at first), this website has a ton of freelance writing jobs available and always has fresh postings going up (the most recent ones being nine hours ago as I type this at 11pm on Tuesday evening).


freelance writing jobs

So, first of all let me mention that I'm a huge fan of oDesk because they post up awesome blog articles that every freelancer should be checking out and they have a super amazing Twitter account (@odesk) that also tweets out awesome stuff! Now, onto their job board. oDesk has a HUGE amount of jobs listed, all ranging from the $150 quick writing job to ongoing 40 hours per week gigs. Definitely one of the top places to check out as a freelance copywriter.

Copyblogger Jobs

freelance writing jobs

While Copybloggers job boar makes the list because, well, it's Copyblogger, they don't always have a lot of listings. However, the listings they do have are always stellar so it's still one you need to keep an eye on as a freelance copywriter because you never know when an awesome job is going to pop up.


freelance writing jobs

The only forum on the list, but it's got a lot of potential for anyone looking for freelance copywriting jobs. You can also post up about your services right there in the same forum, so it gives you double the chances of getting noticed by potential clients. Spend a few minutes a day here and you're golden.

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  1. Anna says:

    Two freelance writing posts in a row? You rock!

    Kudos for the high quality list. There’s even a couple new ones for me.


  2. Scott Martin says:

    Thanks for posting these. I found some new sites and have successfully used a couple of the above to find solid and reliable clients. I’m glad elance isn’t there because while it’s helped me find a few jobs, it’s all “one and done” and getting past the “bottom feeder” mentality is excruciatingly hard. If I had a dollar for every elance poster who said, “I’ve got lots of work after this one,” I’d be able to…bid on more elance jobs! Thanks again for the post.

    • Mike Smith says:

      Hey Scott, thanks so much for the comment and I’m glad you found some new resources with it. I agree, sites like elance will never be featured here unless I do a post on the “top 10 places to find dirt cheap work and get treated like a bum” – or something like that :)

      I know there’s quality work out there on a daily basis and these are just some of the places to find it – bidding sites & contest sites are NOT where they’re at in my opinion.

  3. Scott Martin says:

    I’m also glad that any of the Demand Media sites weren’t on there (biggest rip off on the planet) and that “crowdsourcing” sites weren’t on there either (second biggest rip off on the planet).

  4. This is a pretty decent list although I have to question oDesk. All I hear about these bidding sites is cheap, cheap, cheap. Some of the other sites I have not looked at though – so thanks!

  5. Great post! Haven’t seen before. Would love for you to check out our site as a potential addition –

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