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Hello fellow Guerrilla Freelancers! It’s been entirely too long since we last spoke. I am coming here today to change all of that. This is going to be a quick rundown of things that are currently happening and going to be happening in the near future. If you have any questions about any of it, feel free to drop a comment or shoot me an email and I’ll make sure to get right back to you!

Guerrilla Freelancing (re)Launch

So it’s no secret that this blog got off to a great start and then plummeted off the face of the earth. With numerous offline duties I had to attend to, I just wasn’t prepared for the lack of time available on the internet. This blog failed to grow and my blog design business suffered as well. I have since readjusted everything and currently have 20+ articles in cue, ready to go even if I am not around on the days they publish – and I am growing this list of prewritten articles every day.

Over the next month you will see a drastic increase in articles being published here as well as round ups of articles I have written elsewhere. I am pushing to become a full time blogger for my own blog(s) as well as blogs for other great people in the blog/design/freelance industry. I’ve already written six articles that I will be linking to very soon and am hoping to have hundreds more in the months to come!

side note to anyone who runs a blog that is reading this: I am definitely for hire as a blog writer – contact me and lets chat :)

July 1st also marks the day that this blog gets a design makeover. We’re currently using a free wordpress theme released by the wonderful people over at Smashing Magazine and the WeFunction Design Agency and although we love this theme, I feel that a custom design would better suit my needs as well as the way the Guerrilla brand is going to be headed. Which brings us to the next point of news.

Guerrilla Freelancing is getting a little sister!

I’ve had the domain name since the day I bought this one and now it’s officially time to release it into the wild. WordPress Guerrilla is going to be a blog about one of my biggest passions – as well as my bread and butter currently in my freelance business – wordpress! WordPress tips, tricks, hacks, resources, inspiration and news will be posted on the WPGuerrilla website. If you’re an avid user of wordpress or you currently use it in your business, I’d suggest checking the site out and subscribing to it’s feed to keep up to date with it.

The WordPress Guerrilla will also be getting a makeover on July 1st to match the design of the Guerrilla Freelancing website. I’m turning  the Guerrilla into a brand and hope that you will all come along with me and follow my progress. I’ve been highly inspired by 37 signals and also the team over at Envato and hope to build a mini-empire like they all have. You all reading this right now are the most important people to me and I hope I can give you nothing but quality articles from here on out.

Oh Wait – There’s MORE!

I just can’t discuss it yet :) I am working on a few other secret projects for the Guerrilla Freelancing site as well as the WP Guerrilla site. I am also working on a book that will be released – based on Guerrilla Freelancing – somewhere down the road (before the end of the year). I also have plans on expanding the Guerrilla brand into a couple more areas but am waiting on those as I do not want to rush anything and I want to focus on the Guerrilla Freelancing and WP Guerrilla sites for the moment.

So stick around, make sure you subscribe to this blog and get ready for some great things coming over the next couple weeks! You’re definitely in for a great time and learning experience here on Guerrilla Freelancing. THANK YOU to everyone who has stuck with me thus far – I truly appreciate it.

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Author: Mike Smith

Mike Smith is a WordPress designer & developer at GUERRILLA and the owner and main blogger here on Guerrilla Freelancing.


  1. Andy Walpole says:

    You’ve got my attention and I look forward to reading the forthcoming articles!

  2. Mike says:

    Thanks Andy :) I am glad you’re a reader here and I appreciate your comment.

  3. Andy Hayes says:

    Was wondering where you had gone – looking forward to all the Guerilla excitement! I totally understand blog fatigue and am glad you’re back in the game!

  4. Martyn Web says:

    I look forward to reading more, especially the sister blog wpguerrilla. It sounds like you’ve a lot on your plate like the rest of us. Good luck with the redesign and I look forward to seeing it.

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