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See Through Blogger: Are you on the positive or negative side?

Are you a see through blogger? If so - is it a good or bad thing? Have you even thought about it? Odds are you haven’t put that much thought into it. That’s ok though because we’re going to do something thinking on the subject today. Hopefully you’ve got your thinking cap on and you’re ready to change your thought patterns on how you are blogging.

There’s two types of see through when it comes to blogging, business, social media and life in general

  • See through transparency when you do not hide things from your readers/visitors
  • See through transparency when you are forgettable.

I hope that below I can break down each enough for you and help you rethink what you’re doing to be positively see through. And if you’re leaning on the negative side of being see through - it’s ok - we’ll change together.

Benefits of being see through

Being see through is a huge benefit for bloggers. If blogging is supposed to be like your own online journal of thoughts and insight, why would you want to hide who you are? Put your name out there and people will start to recognize YOU as a source of valid information which can transcend from your blog over to twitter and other social media websites.

Becoming a source of great ideas and information can benefit your business, your friendships and your readership. When people can see you for who you are, it implants the idea in their brains that you are an authority on the topic - even if your content isn’t the best.

Yes, let that marinate for a minute. You can have sub-par content but a great transparency with your readers and you’ll be followed, liked and talked about more than someone who has awesome content but doesn’t put their name, face and information out there.

Disadvantages of being see through

On the other side, you can be doing something wrong if you’re see through. Not putting out solid information and being forgettable can grately harm you and your credibility. What good is writing a killer blog if noone remembers or talks about it? Or what about them talking about it and saying something like “I found this great blog - anyone know who runs it?”

Being see through and forgettable also damages your trust. If people don’t see specific information and transparency from you, they’ll be less likely to trust you, listen to you and be an evangelist for you.

How you can avoid being negatively see through

Being on the negative side of see through can be highly damaging. But it’s ok because you can avoid being see through by building a solid content base, a solid userbase and a solid network. Take a few days and write up some great flagship content for your blog. You know, the kind with actual substance. Take another couple days to write some content that will gather comments. Make sure you’re asking questions in your posts so people feel compelled to comment on it.

Then after that, take about a solid week or so and read, study and setup your social media network and get some conversations going. Don’t push anything on the people you talk to, just conversate with them. That negative tide will soon shift on it’s own, even if you’re not pushing it; others will push it for you if you’re solid.

How you can be positively see through

It’s easy - use your name on everything. Add your email as much as possible to every page you setup for yourself. Your blog HAS to have an About page and Contact page. If it doesn’t, you fail at blogging before you even start. Put your picture up as your avatar on social media websites (a cartoon version will work too - it’s what I use and it’s what people come to recognize now with me).

When you blog, don’t blog like a robot. Put yourself into your posts. Share real life experiences. Brian Clark did it on Copyblogger, Naomi did it numerous times on Itty Biz. People want to know you. Just like when you call a support line for any product - you want to talk to a real person. Blogging is no different. So put yourself out there. The more the better.

I plan on doing this more here on Guerrilla Freelancing as well.


So are you a negative or positive see through blogger? What are your thoughts on the subject? I’m eager to hear your voices on the topic. I’ve got the smartest readers, I swear!

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