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Why hard work actually works

People have had the debate of 'hard work' or 'smart work' but I would like to think that anyone in business is already smart enough to just cut out the whole 'smart work' side of the debate - I mean, thats obvious right? If you're working, you should be doing smart things right. But what happens when being smart isn't enough? How do you get over the hump and get to the next level? How can you put yourself farther along the path? What can you do that will help you succeed - even if you're not the greatest at what you do?

Hard Work actually works!

Why do you think they say that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at what you're doing? Because there are asshole gurus out there who pick up a $49.99 e-book on how to scam money out of people by telling them how rich you are in order to get rich & if you actually want to become great at what you do, you will have to put in the hard work. So, instead of sitting on the couch watching television for 2-3 hours a day, fill that time up with practice of the skill you're trying to become great at - and it always helps if that skill will get you money along the way.

I am a full time freelance designer and I spent many hours a day on the computer - invoicing, emailing, writing proposals, designing, coding, networking, ect. With one of these items missing, I believe that the chain would break and I'd slip off from the progress I am making - I actually know this to be true because a few months ago, I took a month or two off and seen how far I slid down the hill.

Sleep when you are dead

Have you heard that before? Maybe it's just me, but I try to live by this as much as possible - at this moment it's 4:15am and I am still working and building my empire. It helps that I have insomnia, so I am normally always up at this time of night - but if you want something bad enough, how hard are you actually prepared to work for it? Are you willing to shave 2 hours of sleep off every night in order to either stay up late or get up early and work harder?

If you can't do that, then what right do you have to see someone who made it and have envious thoughts or talk about how you could do that if you wanted to. Why can't you? Why not start now? We only get one life - do what makes you happy and work the hell out of it. If Gary Vaynerchuck says hustling is good, then it has to be true right? I believe him and I hope you'll think about this as well.

And if you get nothing else from this article than this, remember that your day only has 24 hours in it and it's up to you how much you make of it.

You can read the other articles I've written here about hustling but you need to spend more time doing things. So go do it.

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